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I hoard an alarming number of bits and pieces of Tiny Projects and Personal Projects and Just-Messing-Around Projects and This-Will-Be-Useful-for-a-Project Projects.  I’m a damn fine candidate for leaving this world in some bizarre digital reenactment of the Collyer Brothers‘ demise.  So, to free me of some of my digital clutter, have at this one:

Google Map: Travel the World

This project’s really just me putting pins on a Google Map every time I stumble across something that interests me in the (inaccurately named) Satellite View.  (This all started when I was panning around looking for inspiration for a different project, involving art and screen captures and screen capture art.  That project is still deep in the project clutter pile.  Please don’t ask me how it’s going because it’s not.)

As at the time of writing, it appears that 95 things have interested me.  Some of the points have been marked because they look pretty neat from the air (like the Boeing Everett Factory), and others because they have some particular historial or cultural resonance that interests me (for instance, Centralia, and the Blue Sky Mine).  I’ve included a link to more information for each pin, and a photograph where available.

I did want to port this original Travel the World map to the new Google Maps Engine Lite Beta, but unfortunately Lite has problems supporting the images and hyperlinks at this point, so for now I’ll keep adding to the version I’ve linked here.   Just turn on your (inaccurately named) Satellite View, click around, and come see the world with me.



A Node's Place is in the Home Tern, Coffs Harbour Coffs Harbour Coffs Harbour Nudibranch, Arrawarra, NSW Sea Cucumber? Arrawarra, NSW Urchin, Arrawarra, NSW Starfish, Arrawarra, NSW Polychaete Worm, Arrawarra, NSW Shrimp, Arrawarra, NSW Shrimp, Arrawarra, NSW Mollusc, Arrawarra, NSW 

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