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Good Reads: A Miscellany of Blogs

I love reading the internet. Lots and lots of the internet. All of the internet!  No, that’s unreasonable; that’s too much internet.  However, I do use Feedly to subscribe to more than I can reasonably read, and  have resigned myself to occasionally declaring RSS bankruptcy and marking all as read.

I also have a habit of talking ad nauseum about the things I’ve read, and as a result, a number of people have asked for a list of the blogs I subscribe to.  Now, you probably don’t actually want a list of all the things I subscribe to, given that they include an assortment of high-volume feeds that largely post junk, but reliably throw in a few gems one can pick out by skimming the titles.  (I also have a list of around ten to fifteen low-volume local blogs of various sorts I subscribe to, that aren’t particularly relevant if you’re not a local, although I heartily recommend curating a similar list relevant to your own area – it’s a really nice way to tune in to what’s happening around you.)

And so, sans the junk, the webcomics, and the overly location-specific, here are some of my current favourites.

FlowingData: Data visualisation, infographics, and statistics.

Information Is Beautiful: Distilling the world’s data, information, and knowledge.

Mind Hacks: Neuroscience and psychology tricks discussed and perhaps explained.

Schneier on Security: Security and security technology.

Cipher Mysteries: The latest news, views, and research on uncracked historical ciphers.

Ribbonfarm: Experiments in refactored perception.

Atlas Obscura: Curious and wondrous travel destinations.

Google Maps Mania: Tracking the websites, ideas, and tools influenced by Google Maps.

Making Maps: DIY Cartography: Resourced and ideas for making maps.

Messy Nessy Chic: Blogging the off-beat, the unique, and the chic.

Strange Maps: Cartographic curiosities.

The Mapping London Blog: Highlighting the best London maps.

Strange Harvest: Architecture, design, culture.

Visual Complexity: Visualisation of complex networks.

Colossal: Art, design and visual ingenuity.

I’ve also become increasingly interested in finding great podcasts over the past couple of years (better late than never), so I’ll post a list of Good Listening shortly, to brighten your commute.


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