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Hurrah for Link Spammage

As boxer_the_horse says,’sometimes the internet is great!’ So, in lieu of me actually managing to finish writing a post of my own, let’s have a look at some random internet squishiness.

To begin with, I’m obsessed with the Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor blog at the moment.  Gosh it’s great; that raptor lurking in the crowd or behind the curtains cracks me up.  I just keep randomly going to the site and giggling about it, even when there aren’t any new ones up.

BBC Wildlife is offering a series of free PDFs in the Photo Masterclasses series.    Covering a wide variety of topics from birds in flight to photographing wildlife at dusk and dawn, they’re well worth a look.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across the concept of Demand Resistance which describes me so very well, and links in with procrastination, perfectionism and anxiety.  I promised to send information on this to a number of people, so here’s a link and here’s another with some good information in the comments.

I have a feeling I may have linked Visual Complexity before, but it’s still beautiful and there’s always something new to see. In fact, one of the things I discovered there this morning was a link to Sourcemap:open supply chains, a tool for researching and sharing where things come from.

Here’s a tribute to New Zealand-born photojournalist Margaret Moth who died earlier this month, and to her fascinating and adventurous life.

And finally, photographers, travellers, architecture enthusiasts and UrbExers, check out this Russian LiveJournaller who has taken a set photos of abandoned churches.

Yes, sometimes the internet is great!

Links, Many Links!

It appears to be Random Links-I-Like Round-up Wednesday here at The Flying Blogspot, as I have some random linkage for you. Also, it happens that today is a Wednesday.  (Happy Hump Day, hipikat!)

The Voynich Manuscript – I love this mystery and all the theories that have grown up around it.

Light-bulb terrariums – these are so very pretty, and I do have some old incandescents sitting around the the craft room.  Something else for my infinitely expandable maybe-someday list?

The Ultimate Guide to the Minimalist Workweek – a nice reminder for the start of a new work year; while not all of these suggestions can be applied in every workplace, many of them are broadly applicable.

The word ‘snowclones’– although the word was coined in 2004, I only discovered it recently; there’s also a nice list of common snowclones and their sources here.

‘Looking Into The Past’ Flickr gallery – check out the way these images mash up time, narrative and geography; they make me simultaneously want to research and to photograph more.

Facebook Event to Google Calendar button Greasemonkey script – this is a nice, time-saving little script; I found I had to write an extra <br> into the code to get it to position the button correctly.

Infochimps – masses and masses of beautiful public datasets; I’ll post more on the beauty of datamining shortly.

foursquare (and on Wikipedia here) – I bypassed foursquare originally, as it was restricted to specific cities and because I wasn’t seeing the functionality. However the offers similar basic geolocation functionality to BrightKite and (in some respects) Google Latitude but combines this with a focus on discovering the urban landscape and populating the map with useful information about your area.

Link Spammage

It’s been far too long since I’ve subjected you all to a healthy serving of link spam. Here, suck this up:

@bunnycronkite – For reasons that are yet to be adequately explained, I made Bunny Walter Cronkite his own Twitter account yesterday.

Two Hands Project – Using JetBlue’s unlimited US flight plan, these guys have spent 8 Sep – 8 Oct filming a documentary about Maker/Hackerspaces in the USA. (One of them is also noteworthy for having crowd-sourced his hair!)

The League of Moveable Type: An open-source type movement, featuring beautiful, free fonts.

The New Rules of News – An inspiring article from the Comment Is Free section of The Guardian, talking about media, ethics and contemporary journalism. After reading this, I happened to see a copy of The West Australian around, and cried a little on the inside.

Gorillamobile – The people who brought you the brilliant Gorillapod now have a device that fits the iPhone. iPhone + my bike = living the dream, albeit for a fairly substantial price.

Dots gloves: Speaking of irresponsible iPhone use while cycling, these Dots make gloves with little finger pads that allow you to use the iPhone’s touchscreen while wearing them. Brilliant.  (So brilliant in fact, that it looks like you need to back-order or wait for new stock to arrive.)

Giant balloon sculptures – Apologies for linking to The Daily Mail, but come on, you know how I feel about installation art, deep sea freaks and big things.

Antelope Canyon – Beautiful photographs from a geological wonder of the world.

Google Wave – Invites went out on 30 September and I still don’t have one.  Bring your A-game to this, people – Wave-i-fy me!


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