Just the street names and outlines, making a peculiarly conventional assumption that street outlines make a good base map, this is the base map.

The portion of the map north of Harold Street falls within the suburb of Mount Lawley, with the southern portion falling within Highgate. The entirety of the map is within the jurisdiction of the City of Vincent - for now - with Walcott Street being the boundary Vincent shares with the City of Stirling.

"Land in the Highgate area was first taken up in ten acre farmlets around 1860. One of the early owners is believed to have named the area 'Highgate Hill' after the town of Highgate in Kent, England. St Albans Church, an early landmark in the area, was opened in 1889 and is named after St Albans Cathedral in Highgate, England." - Landgate

"At the beginning of the twentieth century the whole of the Mount Lawley area was undeveloped bushland. At this time the Mount Lawley estate was purchased by Messrs Samuel W Copley and R T Robinson, who set out with the object of making this an attractive suburb, with the right type of home, and with every possible encouragement given to householders to create a garden suburb. Mount Lawley received its name in recognition of Sir Arthur Lawley, who was Governor of Western Australia for 15 months in 1901-02. Governor Lawley was born in 1860, and had a distinguished career in the British Army, and the Colonial Service." - Landgate