• streets

    Just the street names and outlines, making a peculiarly conventional assumption that street outlines make a good base map, this is the base map.

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  • on the ground

    There are a lot of utilities down there. To be honest, I’m feeling a little bit more sympathy for the people who accidentally cut through lines.

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  • mentions in the mirror

    The Mirror was a dreadful paper that was around in the 1930s. It appears to have specialised in dodgy competitions and always-amusing tales of sexual assault.

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  • beaufort street blogged

    Fond memories of the Beaufort Street Bloggers.

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  • time travel

    First they came for the trams. Then they came for the trolley buses. Soon they’ll come for you.

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  • legible tags

    Whatever one’s opinion on tagging, YERN and TAPE and HUTONE are a part of us all.

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  • lies

    This is pretty much all fraudulent.

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  • things i can see from where i'm sitting

    A moment in time and space on Beaufort Street, over a coffee, on a fine morning.

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  • some businesses operating between 1910 and 1915

    Some of the businesses operating on the Beaufort Street in the early years of the last century, along with with the story of the businesses that followed them.

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  • heritage listings, drawn in a hurry

    As indicated by the title, these addresses are heritage listed. The sketches of the buildings were executed in a hurry, for some reason or other.

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  • dogs i have seen on this saturday morning

    Beaufort Street is amazing for dogs. Just amazing. Dogs. So many dogs.

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  • invisible stars above the street, 10:30am on a sunday

    Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not up there.

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  • very rough voronoi diagram of where one can get a drink around here

    The base map has had a Voronoi diagram constructed over it, using places one can get a drink around here as the initial set of points. A Voronoi map over an almost linear base is conceptually odd.

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  • some crimes

    Back in the day, Beaufort Street was a hotbed of sly-grog selling and illegal gambling. So much nostalgia.

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  • some residents

    Spread across old newspapers and cemeteries, was the life of the Street that came before you.

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And when all the world came back And the light crept up between the shutters, And you heard the sparrows in the gutters, You had such a vision of the street As the street hardly understands – Preludes