Living Here

This is a tiny, tiny map project for tiny, tiny corners of time, in which a piece of Beaufort Street is drawn over and over again. It’s sketchy. It’s arbitrary. It’s subject to error and to change.

This is a growing collection of maps upon maps, different in form and meaning. The complexity of street’s story grows with each representation, and the scope for making yet more representations reaches wide.

This is a series of horizontal sections. A complimentary vertical section might be to visit one of the addresses within the map's boundaries, and to tell the stories - such that they can be found - of that one place. One day I'd like to take you on a tour of vertical sections.

This is a story of living here, a psychogeography of the street. It is a story drawn and sketched and invented and researched on-the-fly, making no claims about the accuracy of the information contained therein. It is the story of what I think I know.

This is Nyungar land, home of the Whadjuk people. This is a piece of the Swan River Colony. This is Highgate Hill. This is Mount Lawley, in the City of Vincent so long as it may remain, in the city of Perth, in the State of Western Australia.

This is a look-a-little-closer, and a welcome-home.

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