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Behold the First Date Resolvatron, Beta!

Apparently I’m not the only one engaging in tongue-in-cheek discussions along the lines of ‘well, if only I could quantify whether [interpersonal issue here].’  In this case ‘well, if only it were easier to know whether I really wanted to ask someone out’.  (I have a fairly low threshold for Ahh, Whatever, Can’t Be Bothered, which means that I generally stop worrying about it, grab another glass of wine and play Skyrim for five or six hours.)

So, I made a toy.  As a data modeller it shames me – hard-coded numbers in formulae and arbitrary assumptions abound. And because humans are stupidly complex, it ignores about eleventy-million critical variables. However, it amuses and appears to generate not-unreasonable results for most inputs.  (Not-unreasonable results at least, for my brain, which is clearly not your brain.  Unless it is, which would be creepy, so back off zombie and/or clone.)

I haven’t ported it to Google Docs yet, so you’ll need Excel 2007 or later to play:  First Date Resolvatron

Now the computer tells me that I must go and ask someone out to dinner. How awkward.

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