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In hard times, post Link Soup.

Work has been devouring all my energy and enthusiasm lately, so there’s not been much left for writing and Twitter and answering email. I’ve been just about keeping up with events in the Middle East (oh, Gaddafi…) and Japan (oh, Fukushima…) but that’s it. (Four more months then I’m free to start looking for a job that gives me the time and intellectual energy to purse the things that interest me; to write, to activist, to create, to connect, to run, to ride, to better participate in the world.)

In non-work-complaining-related news, I’m going to run the Melbourne Marathon in October. It’s bigger and harder and more interesting than anything I’ve done before, and will require some dedicated running over the next few months to get to a point where I’m even capable of the distance. Melbourne is a more attractive option than either the Perth Marathon (insufficient time to prepare) or the City to Surf Marathon (horrible, hilly course), and it will be fun to make the trip over for it.

I’m also taking some annual leave (hurrah) to do the Great WA Bike Ride next week. Upwards of 500km over nine days, camping, the beautiful south-west of the state…I can’t wait! I will be taking one of the cameras, so pics will be forthcoming.

Now, in lieu of interesting and/or original content, some link soup for you:

A great article from ars technica on Anyonymous and the HBGary hack.

Freshwater diving and snorkelling in South Australia – oh my, I want to do this so badly!

BoxCar2D, an entertaining little project about digital evolution.

A deeply disturbing but fascinatingly detailed article on one of the worst school fires in America’s history.

A showcase of beautiful photos taken on iPhones, helpfully citing the apps that were used to generate each image.

Another ars technica piece, this time on the topic of unsecured IP security cameras.

A wonderful article from The New Yorker on art, science, detection and fraud.

And finally, I was delighted to find last month that people are still using the Gopher protocol.  And that that Floodgap makes it super accessible on a browser.  Holy internet archaeology, Batman!

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