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Old Year’s Resolutions

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For the fourth year running, behold my list of retroactive resolutions for 2010!

Refrain from triggering apocalypse.

Acquire chickens.

Become a better photographer.

Run a half-marathon.

Complete a 60km bicycle ride.

Make more genuine friends at work.

Visit Penguin Island.

Visit Rottnest Island.

Become more assertive & confident about my needs, wants & boundaries.

Make time to enjoy gaming again.

Compete in a short-course triathlon.

Do things outdoors. Go camping. Go hiking.  Go snorkeling.  Go fishing. Go geocaching.

Feed a chameleon.

Compete in a 24 hour rogaine race.

Sail a mini-catamaran on the river.

Become a UK citizen.

Learn to celebrate and embrace introversion.

Find a good psychiatrist & work on treatment options.

Survive working on those treatment options.

Go flying in a two-seater plane while said plane does aerobatics.

Begin learning about shibari, in practice & in theory.

Gleefully paint & draw on willing victims.

Complete my Chartered Accountancy qualification.

Cement & grow friendships of intimacy, trust & support.

Get a cleaner once a fortnight & learn to stop feeling guilty about it.

Reconsider my diet to minimise farmed and/or unsustainable meat.

Make more art; sell some of it.

Improve & expand my DIY skills.

Learn to be more comfortable in my own body.

Give away more things.

Be an election enthusiast & electoral education activist.

Nurture, support & engage with my strange little city.

Become a better cook.

Make some fantastic & interesting new friends.

Become less tolerant where tolerance is not warranted, and more where it is.

Learn about negotiating relationships with love, communication & integrity.

Start working on a collaborative short film.

Be more honest.

Spread more love, more of the time.

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