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Tiny Shop is Tiny

Entertainingly, I woke up this morning to an email saying ‘you have made a sale!’ even though I haven’t yet mentioned there is something to sell.

A number of people have poked me to say ‘hey, you know all those little sketches and happiness maps and ligers and octopodes and things you make – put them somewhere people can buy them!’ (Many thanks to Ju and Amy who have been stubbornly supportive and mentioned this repeatedly, in the face of my procrastination.)

And so I have.

There are t-shirts and matted & laminated prints (including the requested Map of WIN) for sale on RedBubble.

And there are magnets and mugs at Zazzle.

I’ve done some research as to quality and so forth, but the reality is that I have no idea how these will turn out. One day, I feel I should buy some to see for myself. But for now, there they are, roaming free on the internet!

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  2. Rewnad says:

    Awesome! I shall go and peruse your wares.

    Excuse my ignorance but as one who has also been poked to do such a thing… Why not Cafepress?

  3. Helen says:

    I did a search for ‘redbubble zazzle cafepress alternatives’ and read the discussions that came up – they’re worth checking out.

    In the end I decided RedBubble suited me best – they’re an Australian-based business, have a reputation for quality and seem to have a good community of very talented contributors. I signed up for Zazzle as a bit of an afterthought as I heard they were quite good and I wanted to have a go at magnets and mugs.

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