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Random Link Round-Up Thursday

Those of you who were absorbed into my cult of Dreamteam last year may be interested to see the recent announcement addressing the changes arising from the post Gold-Coast rejig for the 2011 AFL season: [Link]

An old but good post from Ken My-Go-To-Photography-Man Rockwell on how to enjoy photography more while carrying less gear: [Link]

Deep Sea News has put together a great post on the problem with plastic water bottles: [Link]

A New York Times article on endurance training and the topic of ‘how to push past the pain as the champions do’ (spoiler: there is no secret – you just run until it hurts, and you run until you know the track, and then you run some more): [Link]

Here’s a thoughtful piece on on procrastination from The New Yorker and a response from BigThink: [Link] and [Link]

Check out the website of installation artist Jason de Caires Taylor, featuring photographs of his eerie underwater sculptures: [Link]

An interesting exercise in data visualisation at Flight & Expulsion on the subject of refugees - be sure to check out the different tabs and mouse over the map: [Link]

Obits for Benoit Mandelbrot at The Atlantic and Philippa Foot over at the New York Times; the world is two great minds the poorer: [Link] and [Link]

And finally, some more deliciousness from The Oatmeal, this time on the topic of How To Pet A Kitty: [Link]

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