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Election How-To #6

Go Vote; It’s Great!

Just a reminder to all Australians to go get yourself some democracy tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow is the day, so if you’re still not sure then it’s time to make a decision. If you need references, you can find all of my previous election posts under the election how-to tag.

Your nearest polling places can be found here, the brilliant Antony Green’s election blog can be found here (read it and he will turn you into an election know-it-all in mere minutes!) and the ABC’s official Election 2010 site is here.   The Twitter hash tag for the election is #ausvotes, and as of 36 hours ago, we have entered the election advertising blackout period. (And very grateful for that I am.)

Now go out tomorrow and vote for what you believe in. Do it with notes if you need to, and make sure you do it right so that it counts. Do it with conviction and enthusiasm and a sense that you’re not only exercising a right but fulfilling one of your greatest responsibilities. Go vote; it’s great!

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