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Election How-To #4

Australian Political Party Quiz Round-Up: 2010 Re-Run

1. News.com.au Vote-a-Matic

While somewhat improved from news.com.au’s horrible 2007 effort, this quiz still features graphics over substance.  It’s big on generalisation and light on policy detail.  The questions are also fairly heavily weighted towards families with children.

The Age Vote-a-Matic

In contrast, The Age‘s quiz goes into a lot of policy detail, and some of the questions require quite a bit of thought – I found that I often agreed with more than one option (or parts of each option) and didn’t like the ‘either/or’ nature of the quiz. It might have been more effectively presented in a ‘rank these options’ format, rather than a ‘choose your favourite’ format.

LDP Austalian Political Quiz

Written by a small libertarian party, this quiz requires a bit more political knowledge and confidence to complete.  Additionally, it only asks ten questions, with these swinging between the highly technical (“What percentage of GDP do you think the government should control through taxing and spending?”) and the highly emotive (“What should the governments role be with regards to issues of life such as abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide?”)   Essentially, the quiz only asks about the key policy issues of the LDP.   It does give you a nice diagram at the end, showing how LDP perceives each Australian party fitting into the political landscape, but a word of warning – the quiz content doesn’t appear to have changed since the 2007 election and may not fully recognise any movement in the policies of the major parties.

4. Political Compass Test

If you found the diagram on the LDP site interesting, here’s another that generates a pictorial result.  While the quiz isn’t Australia-specific, you can go to the Australia page once you’re done to see how your political compass compares to the one showing the major Australian parties.   The Political Compass is sometimes criticised for being a little ambiguous in its questions, and for having some libertarian bias, but on the whole I think it’s a pretty good little quiz and it does provide an output that is easily to understand, share and compare.

If, after all of those tests, you’re still wanting to know more about your political leanings, there are also many, many non-Australia-specific tests out there (check out The World’s Smallest Political Quiz and Understand Why You Think What You Think By Taking This Political Test for a couple of examples).

If on the other hand, you’re done with testing but want to learn more about Australian Political Parties, check out some of these resources and click the party names to access further information on each party:

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