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Election How-To #2

Learning Something About Your Electorate in Five Minutes or Less: 2010 Re-Run

Part 1: Finding out what electorate you live in.

1. Go to the Australian Electoral Commission’s e-search.
2. Enter your postcode in the search box.
3. Select ‘Postcode’ from the drop down menu next to the search box.

Part 2: Learning about your electorate.

1. Click on the name of your electorate, then select the ‘More information about the electorate of...’ link near the top of the page to access further information, including the current member, and link to a profile and maps with some interesting historical details.


2.   Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of polling places near you.


3.  Find out more about what happened to your electorate in the 2004 and 2007 elections, using the ABC website.

Part 3:  Take a moment to feel good about becoming an intelligent and informed participant in the democratic process!

After five minutes of clicking around, you probably know more about your electorate than many people who live there!   Go you.

Part 4:  Knowing the candidates.

Nominations for candidates close between 11 and 38 days after the election is called, and are declared (that is, made public) 24 hours after they close.   The candidates for 2010 are now available via the AEC website, which we’ll take look at in tomorrow’s Election How-To.

Thanks to all the people who have provided feedback and support on the returning Election How-To series; comments, improved links and corrections are welcome!  After covering the AEC candiate website, the series will review a variety of online tools, surveys and quizzes intended to help you assess your political alignment and work out which Australian parties might have policies that correspond to your views and beliefs.

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