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Enter 2010

I’m feeling like writing again, for the first time in a year or so. I have some Happiness Project posts drafted on my netbook and will whip them into shape and start posting this week. (Did I even mention that I have acquired a tiny eeePC netbook? Joel found it for me in Hong Kong at half the Australian price. I’ve installed Crunchbang Linux on it and fallen in love.)

The wonders of gadgetry aside, I’m feeling optimistic about 2010. It’s an arbitrary flick of the page, certainly, but there was something auspicious about waking up on New Year’s Day with not a trace of my resident anxiety and depression, to spend the day feeling blissfully calm and loved.

Having decided that good years come to those who help themselves, I’ve got myself a referral to a good psychiatrist for a review of my diagnosis and medication. (It’s been over twelve years since I’ve had a psych, so I’m thinking it’s about time.) And I’ve spent my holiday leave doing quite a number of fulfilling things, including:

repeatedly going to the cricket, courtesy of alibaster

working in my garden (it grows!)

spending time socialising the bunny, who remains fabulous

working through my backlog of photos to sort and upload

taking a whole lot of new photos to sort and upload

turning my scary box room into a great study and art room

turning my Hackintosh + PS3 into a media centre that plays almost anything

birdwatching and biking on Rottnest Island with lisamax , boxer_the_horse and grahame.

getting plenty of exercise from running, biking, walking, geocaching, roller-skating and riding Perth’s most awesome vehicle (which belongs to carywin).

sorting out all the necessary paperwork and sending my application for citizenship to the British High Commission

Here endeth today’s random holiday round-up.

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