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In spite of suffering somewhat in the summer heat, the garden is beginning to take shape.  My succulents (a frugal venture, based largely around stolen cuttings) are flourishing, and the tomatoes, squash and capsicums are starting to yield fruit.  In fact, the squash you can see in the photo set above is already considerably larger than a cat’s head and continues to grow.  Perhaps I will become one of those people who grows giant vegetables.

On the front verandah, I’ve started a second water garden, similar to the one from my old house. I’m going to find a sherry barrel and some wild Pygmy Perch for the new one soon.  I’ve also bought a couple of dwarf citrus – a lemon and a lime – and a young fig tree.

And finally, I’ve done some Actual Research (as opposed to ‘kill first, ask questions later’) and learned how not to kill my orchids and small collection of carnivorous plants.  Turns out that ordinary potting mix is Very Bad for orchids, as is over-watering.  Both the pitcher plants and fly traps need to be potted in sphagnum moss, but that’s where the similarities end.  The pitcher plants need filtered light and constant moisture, while the fly traps need lots of sun and distilled water.  This goes a long way to explaining the high mortality rate among my previous little carnivores.

Big love to lisamax, boxer_the_horse, grahame, Kale and Rowena for the gardening assistance over the past  year.  May your gardens grow tall and leafy, and for those of you in Perth, may they not be burned too ferociously over the coming months!

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